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  • Tenant Improvement
  • Remodels
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Medical Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Multilevel Garages
  • Mixed Use Development
  • Multi-Family
  • Land Development
  • Project Planning
  • Value Engineering
  • Conceptual Estimates

Tenant Improvement

Changes made to the interior of a commercial or industrial property by its owner to accommodate the needs of a tenant such as floor and wall coverings, ceilings, partitions, air conditioning, fire protection, and security. Who bears what portion of TI costs is negotiated between the lessor and the lessee, and is usually documented in the lease agreement.


Our services are catered to meet your needs. Remodeling is no small task. Perfectly executed details on the micro-scale make all the difference to the overall look and quality of the product. The design process is a collaborative effort. While we have the technical background and skill to guide the creative process, the most important voice is yours. That’s why our professionals pay meticulous attention to detail, and attentively listen to your desires, vision, and preferences.

Office Buildings

No longer marked by gray, uniform rows of cubicles, offices have become more personalized and employee-centric than ever, giving people a more comfortable place to spend their working hours. New approaches to office customization and the way employees interact are breathing new life into the workplace.


Simply put, industrial construction encompasses the design, installation, and maintenance of all of the structural and mechanical components in power plants, factories, etc. Industrial construction is a very specialized, niche form of construction that requires specific training, and expertise by all of the contractors and engineers that work in the field.

While some industrial construction companies specialize only in industrial construction maintenance, or industrial construction installation, some industrial contracting companies employ experienced industrial installers, maintenance contractors, and designers. Whether it’s a warehouse or a large plant, industrial construction companies are often chosen on how well their specific skills match the project at hand.


All American Contractors Inc. has the resources to help you with your construction project from beginning through completion. Our sterling reputation as general contractors speaks for itself through repeat business from national and regional franchise chains as well as single store clients. You bring the vision, we will bring the rest.